One quality that’s a really bad indication is a CEO with a strong foreign accent.

Major Donor Says a “Strong Foreign Accent” Makes You a Bad CEO

Context for the statement above, from the link:

Y Combinator founder Paul Graham is listed as a “major contributor” to, Mark Zuckerberg’s powerful lobbying firm whose primary focus has been immigration reform. But just because Graham wants to bring foreign workers to the U.S., doesn’t mean he’d let them into his fabled Silicon Valley accelerator.

So, this immigration lobby funded by some very wealthy corporate elite types has one goal: to bring people of a certain rank. If you speak with an accent, you know the kind of positions you should aspire to.

In the comments, someone links to a prior statement of his:

That reminds me of an incident earlier in my career when a recruiter ranked candidates on their ‘communication skills’, which really was a proxy for whether they were an immigrant or not, in order to try to avoid discrimination laws.

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