Ordination of women and sexual abuse of a minor: Vatican law

The Vatican is preparing to update the 2001 norms that deal with priestly sex abuse of minors, in effect codifying practices that have been in place for several years.

At the same time, it will include the “attempted ordination of women” among the list of most serious crimes against church law, or “delicta graviora,” sources said.

Sexual abuse of a minor by a priest was added to the classification of “delicta graviora” in 2001. At that time the Vatican established norms to govern the handling of such cases.

via Catholic News Service: Revised Vatican norms to cover sex abuse, attempted women’s ordination

So let me get this (even though I am experiencing a massive cognitive dissonance): “attempted ordination of women” and sexual abuse of a minor are equal “crimes”. I get it. Yep, who wouldn’t?! In the taxonomy of Vatican legalese, both pose equal threats to institutionalized misogyny, patriarchal notions and a culture of oppression. What’s not to understand?!

(I need to stop my brain from bleeding now).

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