Oslo, correlations and inspirations

Yesterday I posted some texts from the alleged Oslo mass murderer regarding his admiration of Dutch extreme right wing politician Geert Wilders. The alleged murderer stated in several forum and blog posts that Wilders’ Party was the only true politicial force. Wilders’ ideas inspired the alleged mass murderer’s ideology and rhetoric.

Today, at a Dutch forum populated by Geert Wilders’ followers, The Forum for Freedom (named after his political party, Party for Freedom, or PVV for its acronym in Dutch), there is an ongoing discussion on whether killing youth, specifically members of left wing organizations is ever acceptable. Would it surprise you if I told you that there seems to be a general consensus among these forum participants that such targets are acceptable because, after all, “these young people choose to be leftist”?. Here is the link, through Google Translation (not perfect but readable). And here is the original in Dutch.

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