Pee-Wee Herman was an alien

via 13 awesome and awful pilots for sci-fi series we never got to see, we learn of this gem that never was:

AREA 57 (2007)

Notable cast members: Paul Reubens, Jane Lynch, Matthew Lillard

Here’s NBC’s official press release for the show they declined to pick up: “Taking on the challenge of a classified mission in a top-secret location is hard enough. Throw in a dysfunctional crew that despises you and an alien that makes fun of you and you’ve got one bizarre challenge on your hands. So what if Colonel Steven Isaac’s new career move turns out to be more punishment than promotion? He’s ready for it. Foul extraterrestrial bodily emissions? No problem. Random objects falling from the sky? He’s got it covered. Dirty looks and dirtier rumors? No worries. The laughs are all in a day’s work in this unique comedy.” Apparently we’re not ready for a sci-fi comedy on network TV. Who knew?

If Sue Sylvester had been chasing aliens, I would have watched. Just imagine the space track suit.

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