#Petty #Pet #Peeve #oftheday

Twitter people that almost exclusively post text in hash tag format. Stuff like this: #goodmorning, off to #Amsterdam to drink #coffee with @RandomPerson and then #randomMovie. Will #Twit from #iPhone and #4Sq.

Random person, let me break it to you: you are not a trendsetter. Your excessive use of hash tags is not going to turn you into a relevant Twitter celebrity. All you are doing is rendering your already trivial Twitters unreadable. I know you read an article sometime in 2008 that spoke of how hash tags were the way to see Twitter trends and since you fancy yourself as a sort of connoisseur, you are still stuck in that year, following instructions from some other Random Person who used to have a blog and introduce themselves as “Social Media and SEO expert”. That person whose blog you read in 2008 and whose instruction you are still following? They now have a job at the local supermarket stocking shelves because “SEO expert” was not a marketable skill back then and it is less so today.

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