Pornification? Somehow the word is more pornographic than graphic sex

Pornification: Kat Banyard And Natasha Walters Call For Change In UK Law To Cut Out Mass Pornography

Two female authors are campaigning for a change in the law to stop the “pornification” of society which they say promotes violence against women.

Kat Banyard, who wrote The Equality Illusion, told the Edinburgh International Book Festival mass pornography will have a corrosive impact for years to come.

The 29-year-old said: “All the research shows that watching pornography leads to – as you would expect – an increase of attitudes which support violence against women and aggressive behaviour.

"Huge numbers of young boys and men are sitting watching, and getting positive powerful experiences of watching women being physically abused.

There isn’t a day that mainstream media doesn’t regale us with yet another tale of "restrictive feminism” equating it with being a “good feminist”, the kind that fosters as many restrictions on bodies, genders and sexualities as possible. The “pornification” scare that European press is currently touting as “fact”, coincidentally (or not), mostly coming out of the ideology factory that is the Murdoch empire (Sky News, The Sun, The Times & The Sunday Times) is neither innocent nor does it have women’s best interests in mind. That Murdoch and his press minions insist on presenting us with seemingly unbiased news of this “pornification” is part of the same ideological machinery that has just donated U$D 1 million to the Republican party (the same people leading a movement to restrict as many reproductive and sexual rights as possible, aligned with extreme right Christian groups whose views on sexuality and diversity are amongst the least progressive found in the Western world).

All these supposedly feminist organizations like Object might operate under the belief that they represent the feminist movement but in reality, they are being used as a tool to further an agenda of restrictions and further control by the same people they claim to oppose. Unlikely allies, indeed.

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