Reactionary New Year’s resolutions, maintain the status quo edition.

Let’s try this again, this time with ideology (clap your hands if you believe in equal rights for everyone!): I should (SHOULD!) expect and I should (and WILL) demand a lot of stuff. Namely: respect for minorities, the end of transphobia, equal rights for LGBTQ folks, equal pay for women, the end of rape, and so many other things that don’t fit in a neat little poster filled with reactionary New Year’s resolutions.

I also vow to never know my limits. To never ever (in the history of ever) know my role either. Because I have no limits. Because the only roles I should know are the ones I want for myself (the sky’s the fucking limit). And because I will make sure everyone around me is aware of the fact that they do not have limitations or specific roles to fulfill (other than the ones they choose for themselves).

I just wish people wouldn’t uncritically reblog garbage like this.

via ctaudreylim:

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