Real men don’t buy/rent/sell girls. Real men also don’t think that merely making a lot of noise and raising money in the name of a problem somehow actually solves the problem. Real men know that addressing a problem requires action. I like men of action. I do not like men of noise.

Real men get their facts straight. Not my original thought but it’s the obvious reaction to Ashton’s “advocacy.”

There are many, many problems plaguing sex workers in America. The major, overriding problem is not the trafficking of minors — it is criminalization. For those of you concerned about the millions of child prostitutes on American streets, understand that criminalization is what drives them further underground and that the only way they can be “rescued” is to be arrested as a criminal first. Yeah, that’s real compassionate. Traumatize an already traumatized victim.

Celebrities like to throw attention at child sex trafficking because it is sexy. Helping old whores who need and want the help isn’t. Adults get trafficked too and I’m willing to bet that the larger numbers of sex trafficking victims are going to be those over the age of 18. After all, adults make up the majority of the population (everyone ages). It makes sense that adults are going to make up the larger number of sex trafficking victims. Even so, those numbers pale against the number of consenting adult sex workers.

Or, if Ashton truly wishes to help victims who are sex workers, how about all the sex workers, nationwide, who every single day get beaten, robbed, raped and arrested? Sometimes all by the same person? There’s a big huge problem, Ashton. What are you going to do about it?

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