Really? It’s not even October yet.


See this in my sidebar:

This Fashion Week, supportFashion Targets Breast Cancer, a charitable initiative led by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Tumblr will match your donation.

So I decided to do some quick research on this organisation to find out what it actually does, how it uses it funds, etc. and turned up almost nothing. I don’t have time this morning to go on an extensive research quest but I may do so because this sort of thing irks me—the random promotion of organisations ‘working for a good cause’ without any sort of backup to explain why they would be good organisations to donate to.

The organisation says it focuses on ‘awareness’ and ‘breast cancer research.’ It’s hard to know without digging more, but it sounds like direct support for patients is not part of their mission (although it might be part of the mission of the charities they work with). I want to know exactly where my donations go: Who gets what, what percentage of that money goes to administrative and other overhead costs. And I think that Tumblr, promoting this organisation, should take responsibility and provide that information for the benefit of users who want to make informed choices about charitable donations. 

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