“Rebranding Feminism Contest”. This is a thing that exists and it has a $2000 prize.

First I laughed like a hyena, then I wept and then I started to rage about the usual topics: the commodification of political action as a “brand”, the reward for individuals that promote said “brands”, consumer culture in lieu of critique, the promotion of values that empower only a small sector of women who can pay money to consume products (tied down to my usual “seeing red” moments when we are offered corporate participation in lieu of true liberation).

The supposed target audience is “men who care that there are two genders” and we already know the kind of “feminism” that this contest is promoting. One tied to old and rancid binary models that alienate and only enforce the existing status quo.

This kind of feminism doesn’t need any rebranding. This is already the way things have always been. They call it “feminism”, the only other naming I’d accept as valid would be “white, heteronormative, capitalist patriarchy”. And that doesn’t need any more marketing.

Found via this host mess sponsoring it. H/T Melissa Gira Grant

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