I actually thought of you and your story about not really digesting foods, and how you vomited during prep for surgery. I was rolling around in agony and thought, “Hey did she say she had gall bladder issues? I wonder if that’s what it was?” 

I’m doing fairly well on small, frequent meals (like every two hours), and about 45ish grams of fat a day. Doing well pain management and reduction-wise, not doing well in terms of my favorite snacks and treats and the general enjoyment of food.

Yes, it seems this is what I have and it has also been one of the reasons I am writing/ posting less these days (the holidays weren’t very pleasant because of how sick I was every day). I just cannot spend that much time thinking of interesting stuff to post when all I can think of is: PAIN, PAIN, MOTHERFUCKING PAIN ALL OVER MY STOMACH AND BACK! OMG THIS IS HOW DEATH FEELS LIKE.

I do well if I hardly eat at all but unlike say, food poisoning, gall bladder problems do not make one loose appetite. So, I am currently running in two modes: 1) pain or 2) starvation. Neither is appealing. I am currently waiting for an appointment with a specialist to run a few tests but it can take more than two weeks. In the meantime, all I can do is wait and hope I do not have one of those dreadful attacks in the middle of the night (they can happen any day lately, even on consecutive days if I as much as eat one fatty/ oily thing like a pastry).

Like you, I am not fat, I eat healthy and exercise a minimum of 4 times a week so we are living proof that this problem can affect anyone. The fat-hate brigade can come talk to me, I have a few life lessons to impart.

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