Of course, letting guests and friends be in charge of sacrificial offerings is just good manners.

I think the key is that the monument must be a) historically significant and a testament to human design and b) interactive with the surrounding space. Hence, the ban on single pieces of architecture.  Your 1/16 size Eiffel Tower does not impress me! Other contenders: Mesopotamian ziggurats, Egyptian pyramids (ugh, this is so CLICHED though; I’d prefer to see the Great Temple of Amun, Karnak), Great Stupa of Sanchi.

How didn’t I think of this?! Mecca! I want a replica of the entire Mecca in my best friend’s front yard. And we are in Ramadan + Ground Zero Mosque hysteria, just imagine the neighborhood impact of such a construction. It would be like a Disneyland for fanatics!

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