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I see the shitty commentary, but I’m not sure I disagree with Inga’s original quote. I mean, I see on Tumblr where POC talk about not trusting white feminists to take up their cause, so I think that’s what she was talking about? Am I wrong?

No, no, you are not. My gripe was more at the commenter’s stance than anything else. This person who claims that we should abandon all -isms and concentrate on classism.

The reality is so much more complex than that. I’ll speak for Europe only because that’s where I live: many European Socialist are xenophobes and support racist measures against immigrants because they operate under the illusion that they are supporting their local, national born worker’s rights and minorities are seen a “threat” to these national workers. They also support some shameful sexist notions of male dominated spaces (the Dutch Socialist leader I mentioned in my post is one such dinosaur). So, things are much more complex than stating “we should unite against classism!”. Sure, I will, when European Socialists (and Dutch ones more specifically) stop supporting the racist measures passed against immigrants.

From a purely selfish standpoint, I am much more affected by the laws passed against non Western immigrants (which I have to comply with, or else face threats of deportation), than I am by the struggles of the Dutch born, native working class.

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