Ok. Wow.

I have been on the Internet for a long time. I started my internet shouting on Jezebel and migrated to here, following several very close in real life friends.

Never have I once done anything but talk about myself and my life and my family. minisparks? She’s a part of my life. In fact, she is the main focus of my life. It’s not a big deal, it’s not some sortof martyrdom, it is how I’ve chosen to raise my baby.

She is a child. She is a talented gymnast and I find talking about this world in which we inhabit eases the daily stress I live with.. A world that, for the most part, would be unattainable for us save the kindness of family and friends; both on the internet and in real life. You want me to refuse that to her? That is your opinion. But she openly speaks of her love and desire to do this and I would like to help her achieve her goals.

I know many of you, in real life. You have seen me, my family, in the flesh; all crazy-haired and goofy and shouty. If I am ever in any of y’alls neck of the woods, I reach out because that is how important this community is to me. We support each other; in financially and emotionally difficult times, in perfectly jolly good times. I have made trips solely to visit Tumblr folks who are IRL, people who I value as my confidantes.

If anyone ever questions my sincerity, my snippets of my life, my thoughts, my love of Loki, so be it. But don’t you ever, EVER accuse me of exploiting my child.

It takes a special kind of evil to say such a thing about anyone, whether you ‘know’ them or not. And for anyone to drag my child into their circle of hate because they don’t agree with or like me? Don’t believe what I talk about? Well…I can’t really say anything beyond,

I’m sorry you’re an ugly person.

I don’t usually say this because I know (and most people who read me know it already) that the world is full of callous assholes, however, I’ll make an exception because I am in a foul mood and want to shout at someone who deserves it: the person who went after Rosa is a sorry excuse for a human being. “OMG “a poor” getting a pedicure! how dare they?!” Obviously spoken like someone who never needed a respite, who never needed a little moment of calm in the middle of the storm. I have no words to condemn that fuckery. And I never make my gifts public (because that’s a matter between me and the person to whose well being, however little, I contribute to). But even though my account is all by decimated of funds, I am contributing again and I hope the money can be used to pay for yet another pedicure or even better, a sparkly manicure with unicorn polish and rhinestones. Because I know what it is like to NEED such treats.

Also, even though we have to go through corporate entities who use words like “Donate” to count whatever money is contributed to, people are not charities. And I don’t see whatever I contribute as a donation. It’s a gift. “Donations” imply a certain mindset where the people involved somewhat need to “present an account detail” and we get to veto all expenditures. If someone has been so far off removed from humanity that they think autonomous human beings with specific needs and desires should abide by the rules of the “donation industrial complex”, then they should evaluate how exactly they are filtering the information they receive and applying it to living, breathing people. If you think that a person who needs a break and reaches out to their friends for a little help should proceed with said help in the same way that a corporate entity that is bound by regulations, maybe you should look inside and ask yourself why your worldview has been so fucked up.

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