Sandals + socks: the devil’s outfit

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My husband is a great fan of sandals and socks. He’s British, so people think he’s “excentric”.

Holly mother. Story time: a few summers ago, people all over Europe were dying of a heat wave (not making this up, it was so bad that there was an extremely high number of deaths causes by heat exhaustion all over the continent). Fate had it that we were in the middle of a road trip towards the South of Europe. We spent a few days in Vienna and my husband, also melting from the heat, got a pair of Nike sandals. We go to the hotel to change and while I am in the toilet, he puts on his new pair, with white socks and bermuda shorts! I looked at him and informed I wasn’t leaving the hotel until either the socks or the sandals go. He looked at me puzzled, as if I was speaking in a language he could not understand. I was firm enough that he obliged. The moment we step out of the hotel, we find ourselves walking behind two American, middle aged ladies. We overheard their conversation for a while and the most interesting bit came when one of the ladies said to the other “What is it with all these Austrian men wearing sandals with socks?! It has to be the most disturbing trend I’ve seen”. Never again did the husband attempt the public embarrassment of combining the two again.

To this day, I am grateful to the American ladies for proving my point and saving me from having to explain why it was wrong every time we go out on a hot summer day.

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