Save the Date: Public Lectures and Discussions Program 2018/ 2019 at Sandberg Institute

Matan Segev at Pexels

As part of my research on The Artifice of Intelligence, I will be holding a public program at the Sandberg Institute throughout the rest of 2018 and the first semester of 2019. The events are open to the public and will take place at the Critical Studies room (location updates to follow before each event). The talks and discussions start at 5 PM and are open for everyone.


October 19th A Pedagogy of Robots. Machine learning and the ethics of a pedagogy for machines

November 16th Algorithms of austerity. How algorithms have become an inherent tool in the administration of life and death through the logic of the spreadsheet that dictates who is deserving of budget allocations.


January 25th Machine learned cruelty. AI and its uses in policing, surveillance, border control and militarization.

February 22nd Laborious robots. In times of precarious labor conditions, robots become a repository of working class fears of obsolescence and replacement.

April 19th Big Data and archiving practices. An exploration on how current practices of archiving relate to the history of archives and the epistemic and ethical implications. Whose knowledges are archived and by whom?

May 17th The public vs the private vs the personal. See this post for an intro.

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