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I’m not a fan of Feministe. The authors/mods are pretty reactionary and (as I recall) they did quite a bit of bitching about the lack of WOC in the feminist blogosphere while not actually having any WOC writers.

All comments on the site are moderated. I sincerely do not understand why they allow stuff like this. I have said it before: not all opinions are equal. And in a space that is supposedly promoting certain political/ social stances (pro equality, pro human rights, etc.), to allow these comments that sound like trolling on Fox News comment threads is alarming. I strongly suspect it’s just for the page views and mainstream approval. By allowing toxic opinions like these they gain a prominent place in the mainstream table. And of course, fuck whoever is hurt by these remarks. At a certain point, one should question who one is serving by allowing oppressive comments. The mere action of approving them is a tacit agreement that these opinions are valid and worthy of exposure. Sorry but no.

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