Schlosshotel Purschenstein

This is a 13th century castle (now hotel) located right in the middle of Saxony, in Germany. It is also the dream location to celebrate my birthday come first week of November. This celebration would be consolidated with my 10 year wedding anniversary which is just a week earlier. However, here’s the problem: I promised myself no more weekend trips further than 4 hours away. I get cranky, feel like it’s a waste of time to travel so far just for a couple of days, etc.

Saxony is around 700 km from here, so decidedly outside the self imposed rule. On the plus side, I found a bargain price for 3 nights including breakfast. And it is a 13th century castle. And it has sauna, indoors swimming pool and it gets really cold over there (which I absolutely love). Now, if someone can convince me that this one time I will be ready to leave the house at 6 AM (which is always the plan but I invariably manage to turn into a 4 hour delay by the power of my procrastination), then we may have found ourselves a winner.

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