Sexist Jobs

Newsweek has a new featured story out today about Eight Jobs that are still Sexist. I am honestly appalled by this piece. Not because there are sexist jobs (what’s new?) but because the writing and the eight chosen “jobs” are so vague that they might as well have written “All of them” and been done with it quicker (and with less words).

Take “job” number three, for instance: Business. How is “Business” a job, or a profession even? As the article points out, women remain just 3 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs, however, in order to make it to CEO, the candidate follows a whole career path, involving different specializations/ areas of expertise. Stating that “Business” is a sexist job is more or less akin to saying that just taking paid work will entail sexist conditions. Which is the truth, generally speaking. However, bad journalism would not dare say so in clear terms.

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