She adds that I am editor of the New Statesman (I’m not) and that I have “publicly derided intersectionality theory”. I haven’t, and wouldn’t – I have simply, and repeatedly, said that although it is an important idea, it is one with which many are unfamiliar. So anyone seeking to advance the case of feminism should bear that in mind.

Helen Lewis – Drawing a line

There is an apology at the link.

1) dismissing intersectionality or claiming that people are unfamiliar with it IS racialized behavior. It demands that People of Color that need intersectionality in order to explain their lives make concessions to whiteness in order to advance the cause of whiteness rather than improve their lives through theories and ideas that seek liberation. To demand mindfulness and care for the sake of white people’s comfort and simplicity IS racialized behavior and one with a very long history.

2) I stand corrected. According to her wikipedia page, she is not the Editor of New Statesman, she is the Deputy Editor. Her wikipedia page also mentions she used to be a subeditor at The Daily Mail.

As to the “I am sorry you are offended” apology, no worries… I am sorry I was offended as well.

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