Sickness and mood

One of the downsides of being sick is that I have no patience for fools. Particularly of the internet variety. Today I found out I was being followed on Twitter by a Dutch racist organization I wrote about some months ago. Under other circumstances, I would have let them be. Today, this organization made acquaintances with the block button. But not before I sent them a link to the article where I explained how they are partly responsible for the institutional racism within civil servant organizations in The Netherlands.

Then there is this woman who posts in my Twitter timeline profusely. Her self hate translates into multiple diatribes and desperate pleas for male approval. Usually, I find such characters amusing in a mean way (people who are blinded by their privilege, you know). Today, not so much. I am having to bite my nails not to confront. My mood is really affected by my inability to produce bile. Maybe those old medical treaties had it right when they claimed that the liver and gallbladder were the centers of emotion.

I suspect that, the closer we get to the date of surgery, the worse my mood will get.

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