So I was censored by the tumblr staff?


This is disturbing as all fuck to me.

Yesterday, if you guys were on, I reblogged a post from brownroundboi of a pictures of a white girl from Ireland “dressed up” as Lafayette from True Blood complete with full blackface. The caption I added said something like “File under: clues that you’re a racist fuck.” Several others reblogged it as well in disgust of course.

I then reblogged something from the same girl of a piece of kitchen “artwork” that looked quite minstrel-esque to me too. Which is miraculously still up on my blog. So then she came to me with a slightly-lengthy message about how she’s not racist, she loves Lafayette, she felt like we were being hateful and that was our faults, and even asked me if she wore her Lionel Richie shirt would that mean she was “making fun” of him too?

I was so civil to her, for the fact that she reached out. Of course I told her how wrong she is, and I told her why as well. But I actually even commended her for coming forward. I answered her privately so that her message would get to her for sure, and then posted a completely independent text post of the exchange for my followers to see. Today, all of the posts, including her original and all of our reblogs, PLUS the stand-alone version of the question she asked me, have been deleted. That means someone had to actually GO THROUGH my blog and select that stand-alone post and remove it.

The only thing I can think is that she claimed harassment. Which is ridiculous. Her blackface was harassing to the black race. But if we call out one little white girl all of the important constructive things we say get fucking deleted?! That’s gotdamn scary if you ask me. I don’t even know what to say, tumblr staff. Seriously, why is she being protected? This is just freakin’ scary.

I doubt there is anyone who hasn’t seen this by now, but just in case, I’m going to leave it right here.

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