So tumblr, PLEASE DON’T SHOVE YOUR OFFENSIVE (to me, at least) BELIEF SYSTEM INTO EVERYONE’S FACE. Granted I could always just not use tumblr but I’ve been using it since way before this came out and all my stuff are here. Let’s just see how it goes from here. Maybe there should be a line between what can be “advertised” to the public and what should be remain separated from the such.

How precious! heartout (nice name for a bigot, by the way) wants Tumblr not to shove purple in her face. Leaving aside the fact that she is using a free service, how about religious people like her, the ones who continually try to pass legislation limiting everyone else’s rights stop doing so?

Until the Christian right stops shoving their ideology (because that’s what it is, it is an ideology) in our faces, forcing us to accept further limitations to our rights and choices, I reserve the right to call them on their bullshit. You want to practice your faith? Great, do so in private, in the meantime, the moment you put your ideology out there, you are fair game.

thanks to bowiecadmium for finding this one.

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