Sodomites across the world have welcomed Anal Bleaching hungrily. (Edit: I groaned at the association of “anal” and “hungry” in the same sentence. – YES! THE ANUS! IT IS GOING TO EAT YOU!) The creams and medicines are quite expensive, yet the industry is truly blooming. In turn, the amount of sodomy that people engage in is growing at record rates. As has been reported in many places across the internet, “Ever since the homosexual lifestyle became so visible and popular, straight couples have been tempted to experiment with this incredibly painful fornication situation. (EDIT: Fornication Situation! I am going to tag the Red Light District with stickers saying exactly that).

Anal Bleaching, For the Sodomite Who Wants to Look His Best | ChristWire

Oh please, this is better than parody. This is just priceless. Ignorant rhetoric? Check! Overuse of the word “sodomites”? Triple check (check to infinity, actually). Detailed descriptions of “anal sex”? yes! plenty!

You know, if they didn’t call themselves ChristWire (what? Jesus broadcasts them news from the afterlife?!), I would either believe that they are a contrived joke or closeted gays. Nobody who has no interest in “sodomy” spends so much time describing it in such great detail.

Also, another priceless bit at the end of the “article” in the About the Author section: Stephenson Billings is an Investigative Journalist, Motivational Children’s Party Entertainer. Motivational Children’s Party Entertainer! I wonder if he uses fire and brimstone as his preferred party tricks.

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