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Was it one of those deals where you can’t do anything for yourself, and you get to the point where you want to scream “please, please let me get my own ice, I swear I can do that!” and “no I don’t need a million towels, it’s fine!”?

That was part of the problem but more so than that the obvious human degradation of the people who work there. People go to work at that hotel from all over the world because it is the only one of its kind. And I have witnessed how hotel guests treat them and it was maddening. I am not talking about the hotel as an employer (everyone I spoke with said that it was a positive work environment) but the guests themselves. People who can afford to stay there are very wealthy. Some are very well mannered and respectful but I have seen some moments that it took all my will power not to explode. And, after all, I was being paid by a client to be there so I couldn’t get all righteous towards hotel guests and their manners.

I was also at the Intercontinental Abu Dhabi and one of the Hiltons in Dubai and also witnessed the same disdain of guests towards personnel. I had a hard time working in the Gulf region. It would take a pretty special project to convince me to go back to work there.

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