Hello everyone. On Friday, December 13, 2013, my older brother Chris was brutally attacked at work. He works for a tourist hotel in Port Maria, Jamaica, his country of birth and where he lives now. He barely escaped with his life.

[trigger warning: graphic violence]

Four armed men entered the hotel where he works. Employees ran out screaming, fearing for their lives. One of the men had a gun. One of the men had a machete. The other two were ready to fight. Fear filled the air. My brother handles information technology for the hotel. He was in his office working peacefully that day. All of a sudden, the men busted in. While the hotel has security at night, there is none during the day which impacted everyone’s safety. The men may have known this. They came for computers and anything of value. They jumped on my brother. Four men versus one man. His life was on the line. He could not run away but had to fight his way out of there. He did. He wanted to live. He managed to get the gun away from the most dangerous of the four men (which is amazing to me that he lived; so thankful). While he wrestled and fought two men on the ground as one gathered the goods, the other used the machete and chopped his hands, fingers, and head. 

He managed to escape. Body hurt. Bleeding. Pain. He got a taxi and went to hospital. The area near the hotel is desolate so he couldn’t walk to one. His hands and head are severely damaged. He needs extensive hand surgery by extremely skilled people. He has ligament, tendon, nerve and bone damage. His thumb had to be re-attached. He has a massive scar on his head as well. He’s dealing with severe inflammation and we are worried about staph infection and gangrene.

Why I created this campaign is that he is not insured and my family cannot cover all of the costs needed to not only take care of his surgery (which we need to happen immediately), but also for him to survive on. He’s a man who cannot work anymore because he can no longer use his hands for now. He has a long road of surgery and recovery ahead of him. 

We need the money for the surgery IMMEDIATELY. We need consistent funds for him to be able to survive as he goes through therapy for a while, as well. 

We need your help, love and support. Please [DONATE] and SIGNAL BOOST this if you cannot afford to donate. No amount is too small. 

Thank you. Take care. ❤

Please help if you can. As Trudy said above, no amount is too small. If you cannot help with a donation, please signal boost and share with others. 

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