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If I had to pick one commenter on Jezebel that represents that inanity, bigotry and ignorance (in both racial and sociopolitical matters) that has become so common and pervasive all over that site, this is the person I would pick. One need not look further than this thread to see the best example of what the site is all about: ignorance, racism and a good dose of superficial judgment.

Why do I care, you may wonder? Because Jezebel is what passes for mainstream feminism nowadays. Because, supposedly, the women commenting there are representative of this ubiquitous third wave we keep hearing about. Two things come to mind: 1) anyone who claims we live in a post feminist society and the struggles are over would do herself good taking a look at the site to be quickly dispelled of such naive notion and 2) is it a surprise that still today mainstream feminism can be equated to a “talking points for white, middle class "Western” women“?

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