Talk about your tattoos or piercings if you have any

Continuing with the ongoing meme (IT’S ALL ABOUT ME, ALL THE TIME, ALL THE POSTS).

I have the standard ear piercings and two (almost closed by now) eyebrow piercings. I used to wear two little titanium devil’s horns (one over each eyebrow) for the longest time. However, at a certain point, I switched from being a backoffice worker bee to customer facing management roles and the devil’s horns weren’t really conductive towards a “customer friendly” environment so I let go of them. By that time, I also started traveling for business regularly and certain places were not as welcoming of “alternative lifestyles” as Amsterdam is. Let’s just say that when I had a project assignment in Georgia (US) or in Abu Dhabi it wasn’t a matter of “if the mini devil’s horns were appropriate", it was a matter of “if the mini devil’s horns could even get me into legal trouble at customs“.

As for tattoos, this summer I got a half sleeve with the goddess Kali (upper right arm) because she represents both big parts of the spiritual practice I follow and because Kali is a powerful symbol of the non conforming female.

I also have the Gayatri mantra in Devanagari on my back and plan to get it expanded in the near future with a colorful depiction of an ayahuasca vine (a sacred plant from the Amazon used by Natives who seek health and spiritual help).

I see tattoos and piercings as an outer representation of who I am, a visible statement of my politics, my beliefs and my very personhood. Let’s just say I take them very seriously.

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