TED Amsterdam event!

Amazing! So excited, just got the invitation to join the TEDxChange event next Monday:

TEDxChange: the future we make

Live viewing party of TEDxChange in Amsterdam followed by a life changing dinner party

On September 20, to coincide with the United Nations summit on the Millennium Development Goals, there will be a global event organized by TED and the Gates Foundation.

In Amsterdam, a remarkable group of individuals will join the live video broadcast from the Paley Center in New York and after participate in a local event. This will be an interactive dinner with 8 people who, with their businesses or projects, are working towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals in their country. They will share their desires and passions, their ideas and achievements, and then ask for support. The event will be a massive call-to-action to back these people and their businesses. Money will not be requested. The currency at this event will be skills, knowledge and time.

The handpicked guest list to this event will consist of one hundred people who are chosen on account of their ability to effect change and bring unrivalled skills to the table.

There are two projects I can possibly get involved with (not getting into detail there until I have confirmation of which of the two it will be). But all I can say for now is OMG I LOVE TED! And look, can I gloat a bit? They even have a photo of me in the website!

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