The anti abortion iPhone Siri

You know the new iPhone Siri that leads people to an anti abortion center? We always talk about the fact that there are so few women in technology related jobs and then we have to hear the usual excuses and how well, obviously women are not good enough, etc. Well, this is exactly what happens when a field is dude dominated.

Because I can almost assure you that some dude googled about it and created the app with the first result that popped up (an anti abortion center). The more women (and no, one token lady won’t do) who are involved in the entire life cycle of product design (from the initial brainstorming, to the actual design, programming, testing, etc etc), the less chances that something like this happens. Not because women are geniuses but because then the product would cater to the needs of more people and not just the bro dudes who design it.

The same can be said about the role of people with disabilities, non White people, etc. This is an excellent and concrete example of why diversity, in every field, matters.

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