The Dutch royal family has overtaken that of Britain to become the most expensive in western Europe, according to annual research by Belgian professor Herman Matthijs. In total, queen Beatrix and her children cost the Netherlands €39.4m, including €18m in personal costs, RTL news quotes Matthijs as saying.

This is four times the cost of keeping the Spanish royal family, RTL said. Britain used to top the ranking but queen Elizabeth’s cost to the taxpayer has gone down from €45.6m to €38.2m, Matthijs calculates.

The figures do not include the cost of security. – Dutch royal family is most expensive in western Europe

Context apropos of the closing down of NiNsee, the Dutch centre for the promotion of research and distribution of knowledge and information regarding the Dutch slavery past and its consequences for contemporary society, due to “budget cuts”. Also closing down, the Moluccan Historical Museum, which kept a permanent collection about the Dutch colonial intervention in Indonesia. Additionally, every other arts and culture institution is facing severe budget cuts to the point that some of them can barely function.

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