The Dutch state has always argued that because its troops were serving under the auspices of the U.N. during the Bosnian war, the Netherlands could not be held responsible for its actions. But judges found that after the fall of Srebrenica, Dutch military and political leaders were in “effective control” of their troops — even though command and control was officially in the hands of the U.N. “It’s the first time, I believe, that a state is being held accountable during a peacekeeping operation where things went wrong,” said Zegveld, Nuhanovic’s lawyer. “The state had always warned — almost threatened — during the proceedings that if that happened, there’s a chance that [The Netherlands] won’t contribute any new troops [to U.N. peacekeeping missions.]”

Court Says the Dutch Are to Blame for Srebrenica Deaths – TIME

For further context about my previous post regarding a military exercise in my neighborhood, this is the track record of the Dutch military dealing with “the Other”.

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