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So it’s summer over here in the western hemisphere and my sister and I are starting up a little project, it’s a bit abstract as of right now, but the direction is clear: a compilation of voices that want to be heard, or in simpler terms, a magazine of op-ed articles.

We look at our generation in disdain: kids on their iPhones texting their friends who have nothing better to do. A failing environment, education system, economy, government, you name it, and all we care about is what Lady Gaga’s new single is about.

I think otherwise. The open-mindness I see within my generation is unparalleled to anything before, and I can not begin to describe the beauty of an open mind meeting a pair of lips to share its wisdom.

This is a call to any activists, dreamers, writers, artists, and anyone who’s given a damn about something in their lives, to write, to take a picture and share it with the people who want to witness it. You can be a musician trying to combine two volatile musical genres, you could be someone who writes poems about a culture clash. You can be someone who wants to voice an opinion of the Middle East or our rapidly declining coral reef ecosystems. You can even be a parent convinced that sock puppets are the best thing since sliced bread. If you believe in it, and you think others should too, you’re welcome here.

As of now, The Impassioned Voice, is just a project of two sisters looking to do something productive over their summer, and really, I just love hearing what people have to say. But hey, I’m a dreamer, and some day there could be a printed copy of our magazine circulating the newsstands, carrying your voice, so why not?

If you’re interested, want to show something you’re written, or honestly just have a question, leave something in our ask box and we’ll get back to you!

And I mean, if you just want to read and follow, that’s cool too.


Signal boosting a new project by two sisters that, from the looks of it, have some interesting ideas. If you’d be interested in participating, get in touch with them. Also, check out their Tumblr where they answer questions, explain their project further and start to build up their space and engage their audience.

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