The mislabeled salads — a curried chicken salad and a vegan curried “chick’n” salad — were sold in 15 stores in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York, Whole Foods said. In some locations, the company said the salads were sold in the cold food bars where customers can scoop food into containers, which are then weighed at the register. In other locations, it said the salads were displayed in the prepared food sections behind glass. The salads were sold on Tuesday and Wednesday.

AP: Whole Foods mixes up chicken, vegan salads

When I wrote about the food scandals in Europe involving food producers who substituted beef for horse or other animals, I got at least half a dozen comments from vegetarians/ vegans (which I promptly deleted because I really, really dislike food proselytizers of any kind) stating that it was actually the fault of those consumers that they had been fed stuff against their will because they were meat eaters and, if they had been vegetarian/ vegan, none of that would have happened to them. The sentiment was more or less “meat eaters had it coming” completely ignoring the fraud implications, the non consensual nature of being fed something against one’s preferences and the many problems and documented corruption in food production. To make matters worse, as I had originally written, the fraudulent foodstuffs affected mostly working class and poor people who were more likely to buy the more affordable items produced with these fraudulent ingredients. Of course, all of this escaped the righteous proselytizers who attempting to “school” folks into the right way of eating and implying that they were supposedly immune to having their agency taken away simply by “eating the right way”.

Now, I hate to be that person (no, I don’t really) but…

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