The Nationalist stances of the alleged Oslo killer

There is one more thing I have hardly seen addressed in media about Anders Behring Breivik and it’s the fact that practically his entire online history, his extremist right wing, Islamophobic, anti immigrant, anti multiculturalism rhetoric, in spite of being borne out of a sense of Norwegian nationalist pride, was communicated… in English.

For the past few years, I’ve been clumsily trying to explain that the current right wing euphoria sweeping Europe is part of a larger, global phenomenon that certainly includes (and I suspect, draws inspiration from as well) the US. People like Pamela Geller are hailed by these individuals as beacons of political enlightenment. And on a European level, these people all look up to Geert Wilders, who has made a consistent effort to communicate his ideas in English, for a broader audience as well.

Maybe the framework under which we have been analyzing the phenomenon of right wing nationalism is all wrong. This clearly goes beyond local, national borders. Instead, I am unsure what the correct way of framing it would be (it is too new to yet have much we can draw upon), but it has to be tied to globalization and uniformity and, perhaps, with certain forces who would benefit from the creation of a mono culture (one of consumers, maybe, instead of civil subjects?).

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