The Politics of Eating

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Part of the problem with the American dependence on fast food is cultural, which is enabled by (and to some degree helps to create) the structural problems that keep us from accessing the healthiest foods possible. We’re bizarrely puritan when it comes to centering pleasure in our lives — we just don’t do it. We think that Just Say No works for food and for sex — two of the most basic human pleasures and (on a species-wide, if not individual, level) necessities — but then we heavily market the most reductive and unhealthy versions of both.

It would be immoral of me to copy/ paste the entire article so I only put up a short quote to give an idea of the tone and topic. I have this to say: everything in this article is so spot on that I found myself nodding at the screen. Read it, send it out, share it. Because it does a great job deconstructing and summarizing the many facets of how we eat and why we eat the way(s) we do.

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