The uneventful Event

Last night I finally caught up with the first nine episodes of The Event. And now, I stare at the TV screen and all I ask is “Why?”. Why are we half way through the season and we still don’t know what the aliens are up to, what they really look like or what their motives are? This extended suspense might have worked well with Lost, but these are not Lost worthy actors or characters for that matter. I could have watched Benjamin Linus sucking on a lemon for an entire season but that’s because Michael Emerson is such a fantastic actor, I am sure he would have been capable of injecting depth to the action of sucking a citrus fruit. These guys? Not so much. The love story between Leila and Sean is cringe worthy. “Oh, let’s dodge a few bullets and kiss and stare at each other’s eyes mellowly” and then the next second “Oh, my love, you are about to die bleeding but let me kiss you some more and tell you how much I love you”. Please.

If this is the show they thought would recreate the Lost hype, they are deluded. Someone should get proper writers working on their case ASAP.

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