Things I don’t care about

  • Miley Cyrus
  • Taylor Swift
  • Ugg Boots
  • Manga Comics
  • Miniature Pepsi Bottles
  • Dog headgear
  • Beach volley

So what happens is that I blog about none of the above. I simply have nothing to say on these subjects. I assume others, who might be interested will say something of value aimed at those who share a similar interest.

Why would someone write a post announcing they do not care about a given subject, like, say, rape apologia, or rape apologia while bailing out a potential rapist out of jail, is beyond me. Do you have such a high sense of self importance that you think that even those subjects you do not care about are of such weight that you should announce them to the world? Are you so self absorbed that you believe the world cares enough about you that you must share even those topics of non importance? Because you might not care about rape culture, rape accusations, rapists and issues like that. However, most of us do not care about you. And that must come as a surprise.

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