This weekend’s bounty!

Because it is Sunday and I am in a chilled mood, I shall share the results of yesterday’s treasure hunt. I had been looking for boots like these two pairs for ever and finally yesterday victory was mine. Found them at a new(ish) outlet store here in Amsterdam. The photos are not really good but they convey the model and type, so I’ll say they are enough for now. They fit me like a charm and I already worn one pair yesterday when I went out for dinner with the in laws.

Which brings me to the next item in ‘OMG WHAT IS GOING ON?!“. My father in law is keen on taking us out for dinner to fancy places. This happens a few times per year. So, when he called yesterday saying he had made reservations at this upscale place outside Amsterdam, we didn’t think much of it (as in, it’s not an exceptional event). So, when we get there, he and his partner are all smiles. We order drinks, food, etc. and as soon as we settle in, he says "We have news to share with you guys”. And they quickly added “We are having a baby!”. Oh dear we were so happy for them. Really. I cannot think of better people for this news. However, my partner keenly observed that, by the time the baby is born (May next year), the age difference between him and his sibling will be a whooping 36 years. I already demanded the baby is trained to call me “aunt”. At least I won’t have to explain to complete strangers the peculiarities of our family’s dynamics.

Also, BABY ON THE WAY!! I have all the excuses to buy all kinds of toys and clothes and pretty things. And we are absolutely thrilled.

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