Thought crime punished in Italy

via The Guardian, Woman denied alimony because she had talked about open marriage:

Italy’s highest appeal court has denied a woman alimony – because she once discussed the idea of an open marriage with her husband before they married.

The court heard that the woman had “theorised” that marriage did not have to be based on sexual fidelity, but had never put the idea into practice.

“We fully support the lower court’s findings, even though there was no evidence of the woman frequenting other men,” the Cassation court said in a precedent-setting ruling today.

The couple’s Catholic wedding was annulled by an ecclesiastical court in Modena due to the woman’s ideas on faithfulness, even though the man had willingly tied the knot.

Fearing the loss of alimony, the woman appealed against the annulment in Italy’s civil courts, only for them to back the church’s ruling.

This happened in the European Union. Not some isolated community we are being told is trying to overtake our “Western Christian values”. Fear Sharia law? No need! The Catholic Church seems to be doing a great job on their own bringing us back to the dark ages!

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