To naysayers and skeptics

Run a Tumblr search for the word “purple”. Take the time to read a bit. Pause before you feel you have something important to say about the subject. Just read what others are saying. I’ll tell you this much: there are dozens of teens and young people who feel recognized, who feel represented. And then there are many others who had no idea what the purple was about but took the time to check it out and are writing about it and their support of LGBTQ rights. That’s right, non LGBTQ folks who thought it important to speak up and express their support and solidarity even if they don’t always express it in their blogs.

Each and everyone of these individuals might not be powerful or meaningful on their own. However, in the collective voice we do gather strength. And as I said before, in my heart, I want to think that today, a gay teen googling for photos of Lady Gaga came across a purple Tumblr and for a second felt less lonely. If that is all this day achieved, then I won’t accept anyone saying it was all meaningless.

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