Today in stuff that upsets me

Articles like this: How Violent Sex Helped Ease My PTSD (it’s a long read, but do check it out so as not to take my word for it).

Here’s this journalist, visiting some of the worst conflict areas in the world and coming back home with an understandable case of PTSD. Now, the way she copes with the PTSD is personal and I think its her business (not mine to give an opinion on), but what does bother me immensely in her narrative is that not even once does she mention the fact that she has the luxury of walking away from it and finding tools that work for her and aid in her healing. A 2000+ word personal account of yoga, spas, therapeutic treatments (and yes, fantasies of violent sex, but that’s neither here nor there), while she situates herself as a mere “witness” of the tragedies that afflict the countries she visits.

This is like poverty porn at its worst, with a side of kink to boot.

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