Tomorrow’s protest


 redlightpolitics replied to your post:It’s really happening. Come January 1st taxes on…

even though I am not at my best physically, I’ll be at the Leidseplein tomorrow afternoon, protesting. It is indeed outrageous.

Oh, I wish I could go! My schedule is crazy though, and I promised a friend we’d go see Harry Potter tomorrow afternoon (she hasn’t seen it yet). It’s gonna be my one shining moment of happiness in ten days of HOW THE FUCK AM I GONNA GET SHIT DONE.

Perhaps you should wear your Snuggie to the protest. It might make you feel better.

HA! The snuggie and an Oranje wig so that if there are TV crews you can quickly spot me.

Since Wilders said that “art and culture are leftist hobbies”, I have made it my cause to protest any time they organize something. Even if I only get to stand for 20 minutes (I get pain and associated discomfort for longer periods), at least I will add to the numbers. This country wouldn’t have become what it is if it wasn’t for art and culture. Populist politicians should actually learn about history, you know.

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