Trafficking in people’s desperation

via BBC News, Dutch gameshow for failed asylum seekers

A Dutch gameshow is giving failed asylum seekers the chance to win 4,000 euros (£3,525) to help them start a new life back in their country of origin.

The winner is the one who can best demonstrate just how well they know their adopted country.

In an interview with Radio Nederland (in Dutch), the producers expressed that they are doing this to “raise awareness”. Well of course, click at the link above and check out the video to see the moment when one of the participants is eliminated and made to board a faux airport gate. Because nothing says “awareness” like a crowd clapping at a failed asylum seeker or an immigrant forced to leave the country.

The public can also participate from home, answering the quiz questions. The winner, who will be decided on a draw between everyone that got all the answers right will get a trip to Curacao, a current Dutch colony in South America.

For those in The Netherlands, the show will air tonight at VPRO. Do not expect me to see it, though, I find it not only tasteless but awfully sad.

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