You may have seen a link in your dashboard to Save the Words, a site from Oxford Dictionaries dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of English words in danger of fading entirely from the language. I clicked over and began searching for a word to adopt, and as soon as I read the descriptive sentence for senticious (adj.: prickly; thorny), I knew my word had found me: The judges weren’t fond of Edna’s senticious disposition, so they voted her off the island. One of my internet sheroes goes by Edna, so in her honor, I promise to use my word as often as possible, even if I must conduct myself senticiously in order to do so.

And I shall love and cherish the word, swearing to protect it with the might of my whole lexicon! For I am Edna Sednitzer, butcher of words, mistress of Spanglish, worshiper of Dunglish (why yes, it’s a thing, botched Dutch + English), the reincarnation of all things ungramatically incorrect!

Senticous, I welcome you to my island of wordiness!

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