Last night I saw an article at the Daily Mail about the situation of child labor in Bangladesh and the real price of 5 Euro jeans. The article focused on the labor practices of the British retailer Primark (which has already been exposed on exploitation practices before).

I didn’t post the article last night because it was late and I was already signing out. Then today, I went back with the intention of posting it and it’s gone. All the links from my newsfeed have been disabled/ deleted and the article is nowhere to be found. Through Google cache I did find this photo still hosted at their website, but that’s it. All references to the article are gone for now. Maybe it will be reinstated later, that much I do not know.

Democratic Underground has a summary and a couple of photos but that’s it. I’m going to put on my tinfoil hat now because quite honestly, this doesn’t seem very transparent, does it?

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