Wait, what?! My life. It is now complete

Yes, I am not afraid to be a fan girl of certain people. I do not believe in celebrity for celebrity’s sake. However, there are certain individuals I look up to because they have an impact in the world for the better. Bruce Sterling, Cory Doctorow, Jasmina Tesanovic, Lawrence Lessig, those are some of the people on line who showed me a different kind of activism, one that integrated digital tools and reaching out through the written word. When I first came across them (sometimes in the late 90’s), I had no other models to look up to.

For the past decade and a half I have been making all my content available for free (and never behind a paywall) as an ongoing practice of ephemeral publishing. This site is no exception. If you wish to help offset my labor costs, you can donate on Paypal or you can subscribe to Patreon where I will not be putting my posts behind a lock but you'd be helping me continue making this work available for everyone. Thank you.  Follow me on Twitter for new post updates.

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