Wake up!

Today I woke up in the most unsettling circumstances. My bedroom is in a different floor from the living room, actually, it is at opposite ends of the house (and this is quite a spacious house). I keep the stereo system (connected to a home cinema) in the living room. We turn it off before going to bed. Not just into “sleeping mode” but a full turn off to save energy and the grief of a lighting bolt blowing the whole thing in the middle of the night. The stereo has a radio functionality that we never actually use. It’s just there.

So today, I wake up to very (VERY) loud radio which turned itself on in my living room (some radio talk show) while I was screaming for my dog to come down and stop being disobedient. My dead dog. Which has been dead for two years this Boxing Day. Even while I was in a semi awake state, I was still calling for her to come down. The whole thing gave me the chills.

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