Want to see the moral majority’s thoughts?

Then go and read the comments in this story. After reading the first say 50 comments, ask yourself: all these (majority of) women taking the moral high ground about sex workers where exactly did they get their stories from? How many of them have actually spoken with sex workers, spent time with them, how many of them actually have first hand knowledge of the subject (by first hand, I do not mean by being sex workers themselves but knowing someone who is, talking to them openly and without prejudice).

The on going comment saga is that “there are very few if any consensual sex workers”. I will only say this: the majority of these women, if they are over say 25 or so, know at least one person who has at a minimun done some work on the side but will not talk about it because of the stigma (hell, just reading those comments is enough for any sane person to understand that they could never disclose for fear of repercussion).

Coming out of the sex worker closet is probably as difficult as coming out of the gay closet. Those comments are quite a concrete proof of that.

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