We Taliban warn you to stop working otherwise we will take your life away. We will kill you in such a harsh way that no woman has so far been killed in that manner. This will be a good lesson for those women like you who are working. The money you receive is haram [prohibited under Islam] and coming from the infidels. The choice is now with you.

The “Ten-Dollar Talib” and Women’s Rights | Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch has released a 65-page report addressing the potential challenges to women’s rights posed by future government agreements with insurgent forces. The report describes how in areas under Taliban control, women are often subjected to threats, intimidation and violence, girls’ education is targeted, and women political leaders and activists are attacked and killed with impunity.

This should be mandatory reading for every person in North America and Europe. How we, our governments, allow this to happen… I just do not have words for it. Read the report. Please. Even if you skip some parts, even if you are short of time. Educate yourself and reflect on this. Then speak about it, spread the word. Those of us who may not have actual power still have voices. We can write about it. We can speak to others about it. Then, if the sum of all voices is deafening, those who do have power might have to do something about it.

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